All About Me!

My name is Heather
I am 27
Married to my high school sweetheart
Mommy to Elina who is almost 7!
We just found out we are expecting our 2nd baby!
I am a full time hair stylist & nail tech
I have my own salon which is a dream come true!
I also sell Thirty One
I am a diehard Hanson fan
Music soothes my soul
I love tattoos
I love the color pink & mint green
Let me loose in a cosmetic store and you're in trouble
I love a motorcycle ride on a nice warm day
My hair is never the same twice
I have an addiction to handbags
Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons
I love Primitive decor
I Blog


  1. From the tabs, it looks like "All About Mel" I got a little excited. How disappointing. Haha.