7/30 Things : Dream Job

What Is Your Dream Job And Why?

I like to think I'm living my dream job right now. I am a Hairstylist, and Nail Tech. I"m self employed, make my own hours, and I get to be home with my family more. I made this big change in my life about a year and a half ago. Before that I managed a hair salon that I had been working at for the last eight years. It was a great job, paid good, and I worked with a couple friends. But at the end of the day I was never technically off work, if it snowed I had to somehow get my butt in there, if someone called in sick I had to drop whatever I was doing to cover. It was just too much stress for me. I knew that with the health problems my husband was going through at the time, my daughter starting school, and us trying to get pregnant, I needed to figure out something else to do. So, a friend of mine came to me and asked if I was interested in coming out to her salon to work. It was closed at the time, but she was wanting to open it back up and didn't want to do it alone. So, honestly it was perfect timing, and I made the plunge. I was scared to death (still am some days), but honestly, I love it. 

I have however thought about going to college to get a degree in Psychology, possibly to do adoption counseling. With all the fertility problems my husband and I went through, adoption was something we had thought about and I just feel like it would be an awesome opportunity to help women with this decision. Its still being discussed between my husband and I, but I don't know what Ill end up doing. Right now, I'm happy where I am, doing what I'm doing. :)

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6/30 Things : Hardest Thing

What Is The Hardest Thing You Have Ever Experienced?

This is kind of a tough question, I have been through quite a few hard things in my lifetime. But I believe losing my Nanny to Cancer was the hardest. She battled it for just under a year, and it was a very tough thing to have to watch her go through. She had small cell lung cancer, which pretty much took over her lungs, then her brain. We really thought in the beginning that she was going to beat it, at least for a couple years, she was doing so well with the treatment until her last couple doses of radiation. At that point she started acting really weird, forgetting things, acting like a child. We found out about a month later that is was because she had several dozen tumors in her brain, it had spread that quick. Soon after that it was just a waiting game, she started to decline very quickly. She went into a coma, and within a couple months we lost her. I remember just wishing it would happen already, sitting there every day watching her die was so incredibly painful, I honestly think it would have been easier if she had just died unexpectedly. But that last year I tried to make as much time for her as I could, and I'm so glad I did. She was a very special lady, and I'm glad she was part of my life. 

Me, Nanny & My Sister Melody

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5/30 Things : 5 Happy Things

Five Things That Make Me Most Happy Right Now:

Being Pregnant!

My Family

My Puppies, Gypsy & Esme

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

Getting New Make-Up

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4/30 Things : Sixteen

Ten Things I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self:

1. Take the time to study, you will regret it later in life.
2. Stop chasing after that certain boy, he's not the one, and all he will do is break your heart over and over. 
3. Quit going after all the bad boys, they may be fun, but they aren't for you.
4. You are NOT fat, believe me, one day you will wish you were that size again.
5. Spend more time with your grandparents. They are taken from you too soon.
6. Don't rush to get married and have kids, although you marry your soul mate and have a beautiful little girl, enjoy time together just the two of you a little longer, you'll miss it.
7. Take the PSAT, you will wish you did. 
8. Go to College, although you love doing hair, you will wish you had gone.
9.  Travel a little after graduation, you wont have the opportunity later. 
10. Enjoy being young and care free, time goes by so fast, and before you know it you'll be dealing with the real world.

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3/30 Things : My Parents

Christmas 2010

My parents were married young, 19 and 22 to be exact. They had me a year later. My mother grew up in northern Virginia, and my father in a teeny tiny little country town outside of West Virginia. My dad was working in the city at the time, and somehow he ran into my grandmother. She thought he was the cutest, sweetest thing, and decided to set him up with my mother. And the rest is history! :)

Growing up, I always thought my parents were pretty strict. But now, looking back, and having a child of my own, they were not nearly strict enough! One thing that I do appreciate, is that they let me be me. They never tried to change me, or make me do something I didn't want to do. They simply let me find myself. 
Now, they have been married for twenty-eight years this year. Its amazing. Most of my friend's parents have been divorced for years, and remarried. I'm so very thankful that my parents have made it through this long, and I hope they are together for a long time to come.

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2/30 Things : 3 Fears

Today's topic is:  3 legitimate fears...

1. Death- Whether it be me, my husband, my children, my family, friends... Death just completely scares me. Its not that I'm scared of whats to come, I believe in God, I believe in Heaven & Hell. I am very comfortable in my faith and grow stronger daily. Its just that I'm afraid I wont see my family and friends again in Heaven, and if I do, will I know who they are? I know it might sound silly, but it truly scares me. 

2. Being Restrained- I don't really know how this fear started, I've never ever ever been abused but I just freak out if someone holds me down. My husband will do it playfully, not meaning to freak me out but I seriously start having anxiety about it. Its so weird... 

3. Hurricanes/Tornadoes- Ive never been through one, (thank goodness) but I can even remember as a child absolutely freaking out if I heard on the T.V. that one was happening in our state. A couple years ago we actually had a tornado come through near our town, it was about 5 miles away from our house. I slept in our bathtub for most of the night with my daughter with a mattress over our heads... ridiculous.

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1/30 Things : 20 Randoms

I got this idea from a blogger friend Modded Momma, who got it from Hopes & Dreams. I thought it would be something neat to do to keep me blogging for a while! :) Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me!

Twenty Random Facts About ME!

1.  I love Boxers-- I think they are the sweetest, most caring, lovable dogs.. EVER! 
2.  My dream location is Ireland-- I have always felt drawn to it, the culture, music, it just makes me feel at home.
3.  I'd love to go back to the age 17-- Because I'm old enough to drive, I'm in my senior year, and not a care in the world!
4.  I'm a daddy's girl-- Always have been, always will
5.  The smell of honeysuckles and fresh cut grass is one of my favorite smells ever!
6.  I got married at 19 {to my high school sweetheart... still married 8 years later!}
7.  Had a baby at 20-- A little princess named Elina
8.  I'm currently pregnant with our 2nd child!-- CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! We are beyond excited!
9.  I want to go to college to pursue Psychology-- this subject is one that always interested me in school
10. My two favorite colors are pink and mint green
11. I want to marry my husband, again!-- I want to have the wedding I always dreamed of, ours was wonderful, it was just that I didn't really get to do what I really wanted due to money. But we were definitely blessed with how everything worked out for us.
12. I might want 3 kids... -- My husband doesn't agree
13. is our lucky number! We started dating on Friday the 13th and its been our lucky number ever since!
14. I hate to cook meat... I hate the smell, texture, pretty much everything about it...
15. I'm horrible at saving money-- I love to shop.. what can I say?
16. I truly love and enjoy my job-- I am a hair stylist & nail tech
17. Don't know what I'd do without my iPhone-- seriously, who would?
18. The Fall is my favorite season-- Not too hot, not too cold, you get to wear skinny jeans and boots.. umm, where is the downfall to this season? {besides that winter is next...}
19. I LOVE Hanson-- They have been my FAVORITE band since I was 11 years old!
20. My favorite blogger is Yourwishcake.

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The day we have been waiting for!

{Written January 7, 2013}

Well, I haven't posted much about this in the past because it's seriously been the most emotional roller coaster ride I've been through. But for the last two years, my husband and I have been trying to have another baby. Its been difficult because I have PCOS, and he also had some problems due to him getting very sick last year. So, needless to say, we have been hoping and praying for the day that we would get our BFP!

Last month (December) we started another round of Clomid, our first round since last February. After doing everything we were suppose to I find out that my labs show that I must not have ovulated because my levels were low. I was so upset and discouraged but my doctor just said we would up the dosage for the next month and try again. So, for the last two weeks I have been waiting to start my next round of Clomid. I am about 3-4 days late today, and I had one test laying around, and although I knew since I didn't ovulate that their was a slim to no chance that I would be pregnant I decided to go for it anyway. Seeing two lines on that pregnancy test was a little bit of a shock to say the least! I went running through the house to my husband yelling, 'It has two lines, their are TWO lines!' We were in such denial we decided to buy another test, and I called the doctor to schedule an appt. We went out for lunch, and came back home to take the second test, and it was positive as well! We are just so thrown for emotions right now its crazy! Now we are just praying for a healthy pregnancy!

{Written January 13, 2013}
Our doctors appointment went well, we are scheduled for our first ultrasound to check for a heartbeat, and to give me an accurate due date on the 23rd! We cant wait! Most of our family and friends know now it was too hard to keep it a secret from everyone!

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New Year, New Goal!

Well, Happy New Year! Can't believe its 2013! Hoping its going to be a lucky one for us! I don't do New Year Resolutions anymore, {never stick to them} BUT, I really really really want to try and keep my blog updated at least once a week. I'm taking a time out from Facebook for a while, and just sticking with Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with friends and family. But I think I will use my blog for talking about whatever is on my mind, or going on in my life at the moment. Maybe I can actually keep it going this time. I might also start doing some random product reviews of things I have tried and either loved or hated. Maybe Ill do that once a month or something. Anyway, feel free to check up on me & whats going on in my life! Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

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