National Law Enforcement Week

This week is National Law Enforcement week. Please take a minute to thank those that risk their lives and go out every day to serve and protect ours! My husband is one of those people, I am so proud of him and what he does. I know that in our daily lives we don't really think about what these people do, other than give us tickets. You may even be mad at one now, but think of it from another point of view. Who do you call when you are in car accident, or if you think someone is trying to break into your home, and even if you have been assaulted? You call them, they respond, possibly in a very dangerous situation to help, or even save a life. They may even lose their life by saving yours. They don't just give traffic tickets, they save lives. Thank you to each and every one of you that risk your life every day for me!



A few of my favorites!

So, I thought I'd do a little product recommendation for today's post!

I have a few products that I always have to keep in stock at my house, and salon just because I LOVE them so much!

The first one is Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara! I absolutely love this stuff! I get it in waterproof because my eyes are kinda watery sometimes, and I get Blackest Black for the color. It goes on great, and I really feel like I have seen a difference in the growth of my lashes. I use to shed lashes on a daily basis, and I don't feel that happens anymore! So, I highly recommend this one! I'm probably on my 8th tube by now! I usually purchase this at my local Walmart.

Second is the Beauty Blender. This thing is awesome! And it even comes in a cute little package! You dampen it, and then you apply your makeup with it. It honestly gives your face a flawless look! Love it so much! I ordered mine off of Sephora.

Next up is one of my favorite leave in hair conditioners! Its called Its a 10 Miracle Leave In with Keratin. This spray has saved my hair from having to be cut off! My hair had gotten really dry and brittle this past winter, and I purchased this leave in spray and it honestly has really helped my hair a lot! I also used the shampoo and conditioner as well, and they work great as a set! The whole Its a 10 line is great because all of their products are advertised to do 10 different things in just one product.

This particular product says:
1. Maintenance of Keratin straightening treatments
2. Increases styling and manageability
3. Perfect for all hair types
4. Replaces lost protein
5.Protects the natural Keratin in hair
6. Protects against heat
7. Restores hydration balance
8. Detangles, defrizzes, and adds shine
9. Strengthens hair structure
10. Seals cuticle for extra silky hair

So, if this sounds like a must for your hair, go try it out! You can purchase it at most hair salons!

And my last product recommendation for today is this Joico Hairspray in JoiMist Firm. I have been using it for about the last six months, and I love it! It has great hold, and doesn't make my hair all sticky, and it also doesn't leave a residue on my hair! It doesn't have a bad smell either! You can also purchase this at most hair salons!

Well, that's all I have for today! I hope that I was able to help you on your future purchases if you were thinking about using these products! But please know that I was not paid, or given free products to do these reviews. I purchased these products on my own, and the review is solely based on my own opinions!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Moms out there! :)



My my, where has the time gone?

Well, it has been way longer than I want to accept since my last post. I was really trying to keep this blog going, but time just got away from me with all the chaos going on in my life recently! So, hopefully I can keep things going in the right direction this time! :D

But on to the fun stuff...

I recently purchased some hair extensions online from FoxyLocksExtensions. I have been trying to grow my hair out for over a year now, and it is just taking forever! So, I bit the bullet and ordered them! I chose express delivery and I got them within a week! I was so excited when they came in and immediately went to the bathroom to put them in! I did a lot of research online to find a company that I felt I could trust, and get my moneys worth with the product. I found a couple that I was trying to decide between, but I just felt like the FoxyLocks were the best decision for me. I ordered the 20'' 120gram in color 1B. I LOVE them! I can honestly put these in in under five minutes, and people cant tell they are extensions! Even my customers that see me all the time, some have come in and are amazed because they honestly thought my hair grew that fast since their last visit! :P

Here are my before and after photos:

Soooo, if you are looking for some hair extensions, I really have been pleased with my purchase, and plan to order again from them when I need a new set!