On turning Sixteen... Umm, I mean 26 :/

Picture from here.

Well, as you read, I am now officially 26... oh yipppeee! {insert sarcasim} Not that Im not completely thankful to be able to celebrate my 26th Birthday, its just, where the heck has the time gone?! I remember my 16th birthday celebration very well. I had all my closest friends over, I banned my parents to their bedroom for the night, and we partied our little hearts out all night long! Looking back now, I was extremely lucky to have been blessed with such awesome parents. They knew when to put their foot down, but they also knew how to trust me, and let me have a little freedom as well. And who would have thought, ten years from that day Id be where I am now. Im completely amazed with all the things that have happend since then. I hadnt met my soon to be husband at that point, it was shortly after. At that time, I was wrapped up in another guy that was bad news and didnt really care whether he left me crying every night or not. I was working as a waitress then with a couple of my friends, and trying to save for a cheap car. And I had enrolled in Cosmetology at school, absolutely positive that was what I was going to be doing forever! {&& I was right! Score!} And from that point, my life was just unraveling before my eyes. I met my other half, graduated, started working in a salon, bought a house, got married, and had a little princess, became my own boss, and now TTC our second little one! Id say the last 10 years have been pretty eventful, and they continue to be! I hope that ten years from now, I can say that Ive accomplished more of my dreams and aspirations. I may be a little less sain by then considering my little girl will be excitedly planning her Sweet 16th {... oh my, now I may cry.} But all in all, it will be a blessing!


Wordless Wednesday...

Im glad its Wordless Wednesday, because I have no words for my poor baby Juke :(



Tuesday's Food Day!

Spinach Tomato Orzo Soup

I got this recipe from this site, and thought it looked delicious! So, I decided to make it my own and cook it in the crock pot! Im also adding chicken because the husband has to have meat of some kind in his dinner menu! ;)

1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 lb spinach, fresh or frozen, defrosted
1 – 15 oz can diced Italian tomatoes (with oregano and basil)
1 lb package orzo pasta
2 quarts chicken or vegetable stock
2 quarts water
olive oil
1. Preheat a large soup. Drizzle with olive oil. Add onions and saute until tender. Add garlic and saute for 2 – 3 minutes. Add canned tomatoes, spinach, chicken or vegetable stock and water. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium.
2. Add orzo cook for 12 – 15 minutes, or until orzo is tender.


Friday Fact Day!

This photo belongs to Peace.Love.Chaos

Ive become kind of in love with this tattoo. I had been wanting it for a long time, and finally got up the nerve to do it last year. Then it really became sentimental to me after my Nanny passed in August. I got it when she was fighting cancer, and it ended up being the last thing seen before she died. So, now every time I look at this, I think of her...


Oh my...

Yes, I know, your jaw dropped too huh? I found the above picture here on Pinterest & here.. I. AM. IN. LOVE!!! I told Matthew that I was seriously considering remarrying him just so I could wear this dress. It honest to goodness has my name all over it! If only I could go back 7 years! :(


Me, at the moment...

. I'm enjoying the 4 day weekend I had with my little family. Today was a little unexpected, but thats the joy of being self employed!

. My nerves are in all directions anticipating the next 3 weeks! Trying not to think about it, which in my mind is an extremely hard thing to do.

. Thinking that my birthday is in 10 days, and Im not ready to turn 26, 16 would be nice though ;)

. Having a hard time believing that my little girl is going to be six in just a couple months!

. Needing to get back to my crocheting and finish the few scarves I started...

. Trying to decide if driving 2 hrs away just to go to Olive Garden for our birthdays (mine and my hubby's) is worth it... {Which it really is, but Im trying to be frugal and not spend extra money}

. Enjoying the 80's & 90's station on IHeartRadio!

. Loving that my hair is grooowing! :D

. Thinking about reopening my Etsy shop! <--Pinterest has really got my creative mind flowing!

. && Excited about all the new products Thirty One has come out with for Spring! EEeeee! :D


Where has all the good music gone?

I remember when I was a little girl, and I would be riding in the car with my parents with the music playing. All I can remember is wondering why in the world they thought it was good music. I use to tell them that when I grew up I would always like the same music my kids liked... well Im sad to say, that is never going to happen! I cant even seem to listen to the local radio anymore. Thank goodness for IHeartRadio and Pandora! I plugged my iPhone in while I was folding laundry this evening, and it took me back to high school, when the only cares I had were what boy I liked, and what I was doing that weekend with my girlfriends. To me thats what music is about, hearing that song play and it taking you back to exactly what you were doing when you heard it the first time... Like for example, Staind "Its been awhile" (which is still my most favorite song) I remember the day that my best friend and I went to the mall to buy this CD right after we heard it play on the radio just so we could hear it on repeat for hours. And The Calling's "Wherever you will go" I was at Potomac Mills with 2 of my best friends in the world, I walked in to the music store and started playing this song, and immediately started to cry. It made me think of my 'boyfriend' at the time that lived out of town and I missed horribly. And another favorite is Hanson's "Every word I say" this one is really special to me because I was listening to this song on my way to the church the day I got married! :) I remember bouncing around in the seat, singing to the top of my lungs, with a cheesy smile on my face! One of the best days ever! I cant say that any song Ive heard recently brings back such vivid memories as those. I just hope when Elina starts really getting into her own music I can be tolerate of it or convert her to my side! :)


On a lovely Sunday...

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Since going into business for myself I decided that I would take off every Sunday and Monday so that I am able to spend more time with my family, and get my butt back to church on a regular basis. Today, after a wonderful church service Elina and I went out for lunch before we had to do the dreaded grocery shopping. My husband is working today, but we got lucky enough to be able to meet up for lunch on his break. After enjoying a nice lunch, we did the grocery shopping and headed home. Cleaning was next on the chore list and after that was done it was finally time to relax and do nothing! Thats what Sundays are all about right? Doing nothing? Id say so! So, thats what Im doing for the rest of the day, cuddling up on the couch with Elina and watching movies!

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


Welcome 2012!

Man am I glad 2011 is over... Lets do a quick recap since I was MIA all year {My bad :/ }

February: We welcomed my sweet little niece into the world! {Possibly the best moment in 2011} && we decided to start TTC again for baby #2
March: My baby girl turned 5! && We found out my husband is diabetic...
May: We found out my Nanny's cancer had spread to her brain...
July: Matt had a horrible spike in his sugar.. took a trip to the ER, and many doc visits to get it back under control..
August: I lost my Nanny :'( && Elina started Kindergarten!
October: I had to make one of the hardest career decisions Ive had to make {But a dream} I left the company I had been with for 8 yrs to go independent at my own place!
December: We had a wonderful Christmas.. but by this point I was ready for a new year!

So, as you can see it was a bit of a hot mess last year! Im glad to be able to start fresh with a new year, and hopefully a better one at that!

Things going on ATM:
.We have decided to pursue the TTC journey with a little more force... keep your fingers crossed that this month will be the month for us!
.The new shop is going great! I didnt really realize how stressful my life was before until now. Its nice to just have to worry about myself and thats it!
.We are planning for our summer vacation!
.Pinterest is becoming my addiction.. :/

I guess thats enough babbling for now! && hopefully it wont be another year before I post again.. Im trying to get better at that! ;)