3/30 Things : My Parents

Christmas 2010

My parents were married young, 19 and 22 to be exact. They had me a year later. My mother grew up in northern Virginia, and my father in a teeny tiny little country town outside of West Virginia. My dad was working in the city at the time, and somehow he ran into my grandmother. She thought he was the cutest, sweetest thing, and decided to set him up with my mother. And the rest is history! :)

Growing up, I always thought my parents were pretty strict. But now, looking back, and having a child of my own, they were not nearly strict enough! One thing that I do appreciate, is that they let me be me. They never tried to change me, or make me do something I didn't want to do. They simply let me find myself. 
Now, they have been married for twenty-eight years this year. Its amazing. Most of my friend's parents have been divorced for years, and remarried. I'm so very thankful that my parents have made it through this long, and I hope they are together for a long time to come.

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