2/30 Things : 3 Fears

Today's topic is:  3 legitimate fears...

1. Death- Whether it be me, my husband, my children, my family, friends... Death just completely scares me. Its not that I'm scared of whats to come, I believe in God, I believe in Heaven & Hell. I am very comfortable in my faith and grow stronger daily. Its just that I'm afraid I wont see my family and friends again in Heaven, and if I do, will I know who they are? I know it might sound silly, but it truly scares me. 

2. Being Restrained- I don't really know how this fear started, I've never ever ever been abused but I just freak out if someone holds me down. My husband will do it playfully, not meaning to freak me out but I seriously start having anxiety about it. Its so weird... 

3. Hurricanes/Tornadoes- Ive never been through one, (thank goodness) but I can even remember as a child absolutely freaking out if I heard on the T.V. that one was happening in our state. A couple years ago we actually had a tornado come through near our town, it was about 5 miles away from our house. I slept in our bathtub for most of the night with my daughter with a mattress over our heads... ridiculous.

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