1/30 Things : 20 Randoms

I got this idea from a blogger friend Modded Momma, who got it from Hopes & Dreams. I thought it would be something neat to do to keep me blogging for a while! :) Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about me!

Twenty Random Facts About ME!

1.  I love Boxers-- I think they are the sweetest, most caring, lovable dogs.. EVER! 
2.  My dream location is Ireland-- I have always felt drawn to it, the culture, music, it just makes me feel at home.
3.  I'd love to go back to the age 17-- Because I'm old enough to drive, I'm in my senior year, and not a care in the world!
4.  I'm a daddy's girl-- Always have been, always will
5.  The smell of honeysuckles and fresh cut grass is one of my favorite smells ever!
6.  I got married at 19 {to my high school sweetheart... still married 8 years later!}
7.  Had a baby at 20-- A little princess named Elina
8.  I'm currently pregnant with our 2nd child!-- CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! We are beyond excited!
9.  I want to go to college to pursue Psychology-- this subject is one that always interested me in school
10. My two favorite colors are pink and mint green
11. I want to marry my husband, again!-- I want to have the wedding I always dreamed of, ours was wonderful, it was just that I didn't really get to do what I really wanted due to money. But we were definitely blessed with how everything worked out for us.
12. I might want 3 kids... -- My husband doesn't agree
13. is our lucky number! We started dating on Friday the 13th and its been our lucky number ever since!
14. I hate to cook meat... I hate the smell, texture, pretty much everything about it...
15. I'm horrible at saving money-- I love to shop.. what can I say?
16. I truly love and enjoy my job-- I am a hair stylist & nail tech
17. Don't know what I'd do without my iPhone-- seriously, who would?
18. The Fall is my favorite season-- Not too hot, not too cold, you get to wear skinny jeans and boots.. umm, where is the downfall to this season? {besides that winter is next...}
19. I LOVE Hanson-- They have been my FAVORITE band since I was 11 years old!
20. My favorite blogger is Yourwishcake.

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