The newest member of our family!

Well, back about three months ago our daughter came to us asking for a bunny. After some time of debating this we told her if she could show us responsibility in keeping her room clean, and listening to what she was told then we would get her one once school was out! After researching different kinds of bunnies{I wanted one that would stay small, easy maintenance, and had a sweet personality} I came across a breed called Dwarf Hotots. I located a breeder close to us and after talking with her about this breed we decided this was the one for us. So yesterday after church we drove to pick her up.

Meet Blossom ...

She is such a sweet girl! She seems to like being held, although she has gotten a little skiddish every now and then. Our daughter is in love with her and is constantly at her cage watching every move she makes. She isn't suppose to get bigger than 3lbs, but usually they stay about 2.5, she was also one of the smaller ones in the litter, so she may stay smaller than that! {I hope she does} :D

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