Welcome 2012!

Man am I glad 2011 is over... Lets do a quick recap since I was MIA all year {My bad :/ }

February: We welcomed my sweet little niece into the world! {Possibly the best moment in 2011} && we decided to start TTC again for baby #2
March: My baby girl turned 5! && We found out my husband is diabetic...
May: We found out my Nanny's cancer had spread to her brain...
July: Matt had a horrible spike in his sugar.. took a trip to the ER, and many doc visits to get it back under control..
August: I lost my Nanny :'( && Elina started Kindergarten!
October: I had to make one of the hardest career decisions Ive had to make {But a dream} I left the company I had been with for 8 yrs to go independent at my own place!
December: We had a wonderful Christmas.. but by this point I was ready for a new year!

So, as you can see it was a bit of a hot mess last year! Im glad to be able to start fresh with a new year, and hopefully a better one at that!

Things going on ATM:
.We have decided to pursue the TTC journey with a little more force... keep your fingers crossed that this month will be the month for us!
.The new shop is going great! I didnt really realize how stressful my life was before until now. Its nice to just have to worry about myself and thats it!
.We are planning for our summer vacation!
.Pinterest is becoming my addiction.. :/

I guess thats enough babbling for now! && hopefully it wont be another year before I post again.. Im trying to get better at that! ;)

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