On turning Sixteen... Umm, I mean 26 :/

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Well, as you read, I am now officially 26... oh yipppeee! {insert sarcasim} Not that Im not completely thankful to be able to celebrate my 26th Birthday, its just, where the heck has the time gone?! I remember my 16th birthday celebration very well. I had all my closest friends over, I banned my parents to their bedroom for the night, and we partied our little hearts out all night long! Looking back now, I was extremely lucky to have been blessed with such awesome parents. They knew when to put their foot down, but they also knew how to trust me, and let me have a little freedom as well. And who would have thought, ten years from that day Id be where I am now. Im completely amazed with all the things that have happend since then. I hadnt met my soon to be husband at that point, it was shortly after. At that time, I was wrapped up in another guy that was bad news and didnt really care whether he left me crying every night or not. I was working as a waitress then with a couple of my friends, and trying to save for a cheap car. And I had enrolled in Cosmetology at school, absolutely positive that was what I was going to be doing forever! {&& I was right! Score!} And from that point, my life was just unraveling before my eyes. I met my other half, graduated, started working in a salon, bought a house, got married, and had a little princess, became my own boss, and now TTC our second little one! Id say the last 10 years have been pretty eventful, and they continue to be! I hope that ten years from now, I can say that Ive accomplished more of my dreams and aspirations. I may be a little less sain by then considering my little girl will be excitedly planning her Sweet 16th {... oh my, now I may cry.} But all in all, it will be a blessing!

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