Me, at the moment...

. I'm enjoying the 4 day weekend I had with my little family. Today was a little unexpected, but thats the joy of being self employed!

. My nerves are in all directions anticipating the next 3 weeks! Trying not to think about it, which in my mind is an extremely hard thing to do.

. Thinking that my birthday is in 10 days, and Im not ready to turn 26, 16 would be nice though ;)

. Having a hard time believing that my little girl is going to be six in just a couple months!

. Needing to get back to my crocheting and finish the few scarves I started...

. Trying to decide if driving 2 hrs away just to go to Olive Garden for our birthdays (mine and my hubby's) is worth it... {Which it really is, but Im trying to be frugal and not spend extra money}

. Enjoying the 80's & 90's station on IHeartRadio!

. Loving that my hair is grooowing! :D

. Thinking about reopening my Etsy shop! <--Pinterest has really got my creative mind flowing!

. && Excited about all the new products Thirty One has come out with for Spring! EEeeee! :D

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